Tasnim Lowe was 16 months old when her dad set her mum’s home in Telford alight. Before he set the house on fire, he carried baby Tasnim to safety, placing her under an apple tree in the garden. Tasnim’s mum, grandmother and aunt were all killed in the blaze. Lucy Lowe, Tasnim’s mum, was just 16 years old. Despite denying his guilt, Azhar Ali Mehmood, Tasnim’s dad, was given a life sentence for triple murder.

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Tasnim’s dad has served 18 years in jail. He is now eligible for release and Tasnim, now 19 years old, has been asked to bring her opinion to the parole board. Tasnim wants answers about why her dad killed her mum. Her search takes her back to the late ‘90s as she dives into local newspaper archives and court transcripts from her dad’s trial to begin to try to understand his motive. She discovers a shocking truth that takes her deep into a secret that rocked a community.
‘Tasnim’s careful, persistent reporting was effective at peeling back the layer’s of her mother’s story.’
**** Daily Mail

BBC THREE – 3 x 30’
Executive Produced By Ruth Kelly
Filmed, Produced & Directed By Lila Allen