The new series will be hosted by football and entertainment star, Jamie Redknapp, his dad, footy legend and national treasure, Harry Redknapp, and his best mate, BAFTA-winning comedian, Tom Davis.

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The player, Jamie, the manager, Harry, and the fan, Tom are inviting the biggest and best names in show business and sport to join them, and a lively audience, for an evening packed full of laughter, topical football talk, celebrity chat, and thoroughly entertaining VTs – as well as Harry’s unique anecdotes.

Jamie Redknapp said: “When the opportunity came along to work with two of my favourite people I couldn’t refuse. Big T is one of my favourite comedians and of course my Dad knows how to crack a joke too. I’m looking forward to getting started and letting you all have a laugh along with us.”

Harry Redknapp said: “When Jamie asked me to join him on his new chat show, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been watching my son’s work in A League of Their Own and as a pundit on Sky Sports for a long time and wanted to work with him, along with Tom Davis.”

Tom Davis added: “Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a show featuring two football legends? Until that day comes I’m chuffed to be working with Harry and Jamie on their Weekend Warm Up. The boys are always a laugh and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Ben Wicks, Creative Director, Comedy Entertainment at Expectation, said:

“We are beyond delighted to be working with the wonderful people at Sky on the ultimate show for people who love football and love comedy. Starring legendary player Jamie Redknapp, legendary manager Harry Redknapp and Britain’s funniest football fan, AKA legendary BAFTA winning comedian Tom Davis. Jamie and Harry are warm, sharp and utterly hilarious together and Tom fits in the family banter so well I can see Harry adopting him, once the transfer-window re-opens.

Redknapp’s Weekend Warm Up was devised by Jamie Redknapp and Expectation, and commissioned by Phil Edgar Jones, Sky’s Director of Arts and Entertainment. Shirley Jones is the commissioning editor for Sky. It will be produced by Expectation with executive producers Ben Wicks and Aaron Morgan, series producer Genna Gibson and talent executives Louisa McKay and Zak Ooma.