After a long day, who among us doesn’t settle down on the sofa for a quick doom scroll through our phones? Our political leaders are no different.

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Join satirical powerhouse Munya Chawawa as he takes us deep inside the phones of the party leaders and guides us on a hilarious rollercoaster ride through their voice notes, Instagram feeds and much more, giving us unique insight into their campaigns not to be forgotten about.

Throughout the series Munya, king of satirical sketch, will tackle the omnishambles that is the General Election, unpacking the week’s arguably increasingly absurd campaign news, with the various apps on the leader’s phones transitioning us into what he does best – hilarious, reactive sketches that skewer those in power and giving us light relief we so desperately needed during this tumultuous period.

Munya Chawawa’s Election Doom Scroll is produced for BBC Radio 4 by Expectation.