Miriam: Death of A Reality Star is the story of Miriam Rivera – a young, transgender model from smalltown Mexico who shot to fame as the star of a controversial, 2004 dating show : There’s Something About Miriam.

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Set in a luxury Ibiza villa, the show saw six men compete for Miriam’s affections, unaware of Miriam’s ‘secret’ until the end of the series. Their reaction, and the tabloid frenzy that ensued, sparked a national debate not just about reality television and its increasingly cruelty-driven formats, but society’s basic understanding of the lives of trans people, as Miriam wound up in the eye of a storm. Despite her confidence, beauty and obvious star power, Miriam was widely mocked when the show came out – her gender treated as little more than a punchline.

Fifteen years after she appeared on the show, aged just 38, Miriam tragically passed away. Although her death was ruled as a suicide, many of those closest to Miriam suspect foul play, and many of the questions around her death remain a mystery.

Featuring interviews with her closest family and friends, as well as crew and contestants who worked on There’s Something About Miriam, this series explores the life, death and celebrated legacy of a transgender trailblazer. It’s a journey not only into early noughties reality television, but a range of colourful and often dangerous worlds Miriam mixed in during her fascinating, complex life.  

But it’s also about the Britain of twenty years ago, when alarmingly little was understood, or even discussed, about the trans community – and the ways in which Miriam started to change all that.

Revoicing her words from interviews, as well as her blog, the series places Miriam at the centre of her own story. A pioneer who risked it all in pursuit of a dream, but who paid the ultimate price.

Channel 4 – 3 x 60 – Executive Producer – Colin Barr, Series Director – Luned Tonderai, Producer – Mark Cooper-Jones