Dynamo is Dead was a two-hour, Sky One special where the magician opened up about his mental health struggles, using his trademark magic in innovative ways to make an exploration of the mental health difficulties of an array of A-list celebrity guests.

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The show set out to create an entertaining magic show, but one which was true to Dynamo’s raw and very personal story – as he says at the very top of the show, he’d lost the magic, and attempted suicide. His journey throughout the show is one of re-discovering the magic within himself, by performing with people who have themselves overcome profoundly difficult challenges in their own lives.

The two-hour film featured A-list stars including Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delavigne, Dave Chappelle, Demi Lavato, Tyson Fury and Pete Davidson. It culminated in a LIVE finale where in a world first he buried himself alive with no coffin, his goal being to dig himself out as longer Dynamo, but as Steven Frayne.