The true story of a young soldier’s journey from hero to alleged war criminal, the determined lawyer on his tail and their search for truth in the fog of war.

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Brian Wood is among several British soldiers accused of committing war crimes after a specific engagement in Iraq, the so-called Battle of Danny Boy. The allegations call into question Brian’s memories, his actions and the example he wants to set to his wife Lucy, sons Bailey and Charlie, and his former soldier dad Gavin.

With tenacious human rights lawyer Phil Shiner investigating the actions of British personnel, Brian is forced to re-examine everything he remembers about that day and everything he has experienced as a soldier. Memory, evidence and trauma collide on the fine line between war and unlawful killing in a legal and moral conflict that stretches from the battlefield at Checkpoint Danny Boy to one of Britain’s largest ever public inquiries, the Al-Sweady Inquiry.

Will Brian be able to look his family in the eye and be the husband, father and son they need him to be?

BBC TWO – 1 x 90’
Written by Robert Jones
Executive Produced by Colin Barr, Sue Horth, Simon Lewis, Sam Miller & Robert Jones
Produced by Simon Lewis
Directed by Sam Miller