With half of Britain’s children now overweight or obese, we follow patients and specialist NHS staff on obesity’s front-line. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, is home to Britain’s leading childhood obesity clinic – a last resort for a growing number of kids living with extreme obesity.

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Following some of the clinic’s most serious cases, we meet three families, all at a point of crisis and in need of serious intervention. 14-year-old Tommy is one of the clinic’s heaviest patients.  Despite 18 months of treatment his weight is spiraling out of control. Tipping 23 stone the team take drastic action, admitting Tommy for around-the-clock care in hospital – but it’s not an easy ride for those involved. Meanwhile, 5-year-old Liliana’s extreme appetite is causing concern.  At 6 stone, she is twice the average weight for her age and Liliana’s mum is desperate for answers. At the sharp end, one of the clinic’s emergency cases is 15-year-old Harry, whose hip has collapsed due to his weight. The team has no option but to operate and Harry is forced to face-up to the root cause of his obesity.

‘Despite its characteristically […] Channel 4 title, this is a delicately told account of the hospital’s workload, ranging from frustrating cases like that of 14-year-old Tommy, who weighs 23-stone and whose mother is smuggling in ready meals during his calorie-controlled hospitalisation, to five-year-old Liliana, who learns that a faulty gene, not her, is to blame for her weight gain.’ – INews

CHANNEL 4 – 1 x 60’
Executive Produced By Colin Barr
Produced & Directed By Luned Tonderai